We all need a little TLC in our lives...and who do we turn to when in need? Our parents, our lovers, our teachers, our work colleagues, our Sunday church service? Perhaps! But how often can you turn to one source and know that you're getting the best from all worlds?

Our stressful and hectic lifestyles of the day demand that we receive more tlc than we allow ourselves.

Established in 2011, TLC is an all-encompassing group of specialized trade providing professional services in the Beauty and Wellness arena, Wedding and Event Planning Management and Corporate Marketing and Brand Building.

TLC offers you, our very special Customer, a Beauty and Wellness Retreat because we understand the vital importance and necessity of relieving those day-to-day stresses, and do so with the very intention our name suggests, through "tender loving care". Never again will you feel that you've had a relaxing and rejuvenating treatment without being tenderly treated and cared for with an open heart of love at the fingertips of the Beauty and Wellness Therapists.

A stressful lifestyle may also mean that you probably don't eat as correctly as you should - grabbing a bite while on the run from your nearest corner café, or take-away deli. Again, TLC understands the negative effects on one's bodies when we don't nourish it correctly and so, professionally caters an effective and guaranteed Fat-Loss and Slimming Programme, designed to suit your lifestyle needs.

With more than 11 years in the Events Management industry, TLC can effectively and professionally plan that special day for you, whether it be your wedding, a gala dinner, conference, or birthday party...nothing is too big, or too small.

Need to develop and grow your Company's brand awareness, but perhaps don't have the massive budgets asked for by some advertising agencies? With 20 years in the retail marketing and advertising sector, TLC is the place to look to first, for all your Marketing and Advertising Consultancy needs.

The tender loving care approach to life and business...

"Where tender loving care and speciality meets."